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Fact: International travel insurance plans tend to look alike . . . until you have a claim!

The most important differences are not in the benefits or rates, but rather in the definitions and exclusions, the policy wording by which your insurance claims are actually paid . . . or not paid.

Better CHOICES:  All international travel health insurance plans offered here are "USA-Style."

Better GUARANTEES:  Here you enjoy 3 Guarantees rarely found in combination elsewhere.

International Insurance for U.S. Citizen Abroad

International travel insurance

Travel Health Insurance for Outside the USA

For U.S. citizens/residents who are traveling abroad.

Pre-existing medical conditions are always a concern. For example, if you are taking a medication, then any condition related to that medication might not be covered by some travel health insurance plans.

Senior Travel Insurance

International Travel Insurance for Seniors

When it comes to travel health insurance, seniors have a special concern - pre-existing conditions. Most international travel insurance plans contain exclusions for pre-existing medical conditions, especially for ages 65+!  One "USA-style" travel insurance plan does cover pre-existing conditions, so long as you have 65+ Medicare in the USA! See our Over 65 Travel Insurance page for details.


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