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Over 30 Years of Health Insurance Experience

Liberty Insurance Brokerage, Inc. is a leading international travel health insurance specialist, with over thirty years of experience. Because we are independent, our clients' needs come first.

Here's Why Our Independence Matters To You

As an independent agency, our mission is to help our website visitors and clients in an unbiased manner to find the best insurance plan for their exact needs, situation, and budget.

We seek to accomplish our mission by providing our site users with maximum information on the most competitive, USA-Style international insurance plans. We present key concepts and point out important features that are often overlooked.

By combining independence, hard work, and specialized expertise, along with a wide selection of travel health insurance plans, it is our intent to provide our customers with the best value in the marketplace. There are no added costs whatsoever when you buy your insurance here (Lowest-Rate Guarantee).


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