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-- The Real Reason for Specialized Student Insurance
-- If You Want or Need Maternity Coverage
-- If You Do Not Want or Need Maternity Coverage

The Real Reason for Specialized International Student Insurance

International student health insurance for

There are several international health insurance plans on the market today which are designed especially for international students. The purpose of these plans is to meet the minimum health insurance requirements of many top educational institutions for their international students.

Maternity coverage is the #1 reason (and perhaps the only reason) that international student health insurance plans exist.

Many schools require maternity coverage. Therefore, all international student health insurance plans contain coverage for maternity. (Note: conception must be after the plan has gone into effect. Regular temporary international insurance plans do not cover maternity.)

If You Are Required to Have or Want Maternity Coverage

In order to qualify for an international student health insurance plan, you must be engaged in full-time educational activities and remained so engaged during the period of coverage. (See plan literature for details.) Important: no one should try to fool the insurance company on this requirement, because in the event of a major claim such as maternity, you will almost certainly be required to provide evidence of continuing eligibility.

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As an international student, if you do not need, nor want maternity coverage, then please see the next section below.

If You Do Not Need, Nor Want Maternity Coverage

Maternity coverage is expensive. In order to provide maternity coverage at affordable rates, "international student plans" are forced to cut or place low limits on other insurance benefits.

For example, deductibles are typically "per injury or illness," rather than cumulative per policy year. Also, most plans limit the benefit for ambulance to $300 to $400, but in the USA, an actual ambulance trip will typically can cost $1000 to $2000 or more! For students visiting the USA, coverage for a car accident is typically limited to $10,000, yet car accidents are one of the primary causes of serious and costly injuries for visiting students!

If you don't need maternity coverage and if your school does not require it, then better options are regular travel health insurance plans found here - either at Health Insurance for Travel Outside the USA, or at Health Insurance for U.S. Visitors.

For students who will be studying outside the USA and who will not remain on a parent's health insurance plan, please check out our Long-Term International Insurance suggestions at (opens in a new window)

Regular travel health insurance plans found here do not offer coverage for maternity. However, they contain far fewer limits on other benefits. Be sure to see our Buy Tips & Reviews for information that will help you select insurance plan that is best suited for your exact needs and situation.

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