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Packing for International Travel...  A Few Quick Tips

This is not intended as a comprehensive list of packing ideas for international travel, just some of the more unique and worthwhile overseas traveler's tips that we've seen.

Scan passport, travel ticket.  Scan your passport, travel tickets, travel health insurance ID, credit card contact numbers, and other important travel information. Store this information in an email saved in your web-based email account. By doing this, you will always have fast access if needed. (more...)


5 Reasons to Have Travel Health Insurance When Abroad

Reason #1: Many domestic health insurance plans don't provide medical coverage overseas. For those health insurance plans that do, coverage is usually for emergency medical care only.

In addition, overseas medical claims are considered "out-of-network." This means that you pay a much higher deductible and your co-insurance is higher as well. In short, you could easily owe $10,000 or more before your insurance benefits take over completely. (more...)







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