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Senior Travel Insurance - Ideal for Ages Over 65

Senior travel insurance

When it comes to travel health insurance, seniors have a special concern - pre-existing conditions.

Most international travel insurance plans contain exclusions for pre-existing medical conditions. Based on the typical policy definition of "pre-existing condition," most seniors will find that they are not covered for their most serious medical concerns.

But as long as seniors have primary medical coverage in the USA - such as Medicare, there is one travel health insurance plan that does provide coverage for pre-existing conditions while abroad.

TravelGap Excursion... International Travel Health Insurance Plan

Travel Gap Excursion over 65 travel insurance
Administered by HTH Worldwide Insurance Services, Philadelphia, PA, USA
Insured by HM Life Insurance Company, or UniCare Life

For persons age 84 or younger who are traveling abroad for up to 180 days, if you have "primary insurance" in the USA  (e.g. Medicare), then the TravelGap "Excursion" is for you.

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Plan Advantage - "Excursion" plan only; there is no exclusion for pre-existing medical conditions, even if you are age 65 or above. You must not be traveling against doctor's orders (see plan literature).

Important:  Don't get confused. Do not purchase the companion plan "TravelGap Voyager." The "Voyager" plan does not cover pre-existing medical conditions as does the "Excursion" plan.

Plan Advantage - medical evacuation wording specifically includes "back to home area."

Plan Advantage - No "pre-notification" requirement for hospitalization or any other medical treatment.

Plan Advantage - No "pre-notification" requirement for hospitalization or any other medical treatment.

What to Expect After You Apply - Upon completing your online application, a Confirmation page will appear and you are sent a confirmation e-mail. Important telephone numbers are on this confirmation. There is also a link to print your insurance ID card. Your policy is mailed within 24 hours.

Advantage: HTH Worldwide has an extensive network of doctors and hospitals overseas who accept direct payment for services (much like a "PPO" in the USA). On your confirmation, there are instructions and a link to the HTH log-in page to view/print a list of providers. (Not available in all areas.) Note that you may go to any doctor or hospital as required, but these are pre-contracted and English-speaking.

To date, the TravelGap Excursion plan is only plan of which we are aware that provides full medical coverage for pre-existing medical conditions (for ages 65 to 84) while traveling outside the USA, so long as the insured person has "primary medical coverage" (such as Medicare) in the USA.

The TravelGap Excursion plan is filed, "admitted" and fully regulated in 45 states.


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