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Here's why you will find only "USA-Style" international insurance plans here.

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-- USA-Style Defined... 4 Criteria
-- Four Powerful Benefits of USA-Style
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USA-Style Defined... 4 Criteria

We define "USA-Style" international insurance as meeting the following criteria:

1. USA Dollar($) Denominated: All rates and benefits are quoted in U.S. dollars.

2. USA Administered: The international insurance is administered from within the United States.

3. USA Terminology: Contract wording is similar to U.S. domestic health insurance plans.

*4. Legal In Your State: The insurer is registered in your home state (*a vital feature for U.S. residents traveling abroad, more below.)


Four Powerful Benefits of USA-Style

We believe "USA-style" travel health insurance is your best choice. Here's why.

Travel medical insurance, USA-style convenience. Convenience: The U.S. dollar is "spoken" and accepted worldwide.

Travel health insurance, USA-style communication Communication: Communication to and from the USA (via postal mail, e-mail, telephone, etc.) is among the most reliable in the world.

Cost efficient international travel insurance. Cost Efficient: For both U.S. and non-U.S. citizens, USA-based companies offer some of the most dependable and cost-efficient travel health insurance plans in the world.

All insurance legal in your state. Legal In Your State: In the event of a dispute regarding a medical insurance claim, your State Insurance Commission may be of assistance, but only if your insurance company is legally registered (either "admitted" or "approved") to offer insurance in your state.

In our experience, this is one of the most important benefits of "USA-Style."

"Admitted" - The insurance company is fully regulated under your State's life and health insurance laws.

"Approved" - The insurance company is registered under "surplus lines" insurance laws, but is not fully regulated. However, if a State obtains credible evidence of unsatisfactory claims practices or unsatisfactory financial condition, then the State may revoke the Certificate of Authority under which the insurance company legally operates. Such action could influence similar action in other U.S. states and even in some foreign countries. (The exact terminology used here may differ from state to state.)

*Note: In our experience, in the event of a medical insurance claim, you are more likely to wind up in a medical claim dispute with a non-registered insurance company.


Plus an Added Benefit, No Extra Cost

Being Independent means we work for you. Should the need ever arise, we are better able to provide you with meaningful guidance when dealing with a "USA-style" travel health insurance company, legally registered in your state.

You pay nothing extra (Lowest-Rate Guarantee) when we work for you.

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