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-- Using Your Travel Health Insurance - Some Suggestions
-- Who's Who in Your International Insurance Contract
-- Tips on Filing an International Insurance Claim

Using Your Travel Health Insurance - Some Suggestions

When receiving treatment outside the USA, always request a fully itemized bill.

If receiving medical treatment overseas, especially in developing countries, you may not receive a bill in which all charges are fully itemized. This will create a problem when you file the claim with the insurance company. Always request a fully itemized bill, which might help you later in the claims process.

Avoid use a hospital emergency room for Non-Emergency treatment.

Hospital emergency facilities are sometimes convenient, especially after normal business hours. But typically, your travel health insurance will not pay for expenses incurred during a non-authorized hospital emergency room visit which is not of an emergency nature. (See your plan exclusions.) (In a true medical emergency, seek immediate treatment at the nearest facility.)

Here is a general definition of a medical emergency; a medical condition manifesting itself by acute signs or symptoms which could reasonably result in placing the Insured Person’s life or limb in danger if medical attention is not provided within 24 hours. Usually, the symptoms are sudden and unexpected.

If it is not a medical emergency, but you want treatment ASAP, one option is to call your 24-hour assistance service first. If the assistance service refers you to a medical facility that also happens to be an emergency facility, then you can reasonably expect to be covered without question. (If this occurs, it's a good idea to make note of the time and to whom you spoke.) The assistance company may then call the medical facility on your behalf to arrange for treatment and to pre-negotiate fees.


Who's Who in Your International Insurance Contract

For all insurance obtained here, you enjoy three (3) levels of assistance. Knowing "who's who" can mean better and faster assistance for you, if or when needed.

1. Your Travel Insurance Plan "Administrator"

Contact your plan administrator for questions regarding;

  • premium payments,
  • new ID cards,
  • claims filing,
  • misc. administrative matters.

When people refer to the "insurance company," they are really referring to the "insurance plan administrator." For all practical purposes, a policy holder will never communicate directly with the insurer or policy "underwriter."

Today, most administrative matters are best handled via the Internet, where you have an e-mail trail. Claim forms and insurance IDs are readily available online or by e-mail.

2. Your 24-Hour Worldwide Assistance Company

Contact 24-hour assistance for pre-certification, medical guidance, or questions regarding any medical situation. When in doubt, don't hesitate to call. Most accept collect calls from overseas.

Today, most 24-hour Worldwide Assistance Companies are owned by and operated "in-house" by the larger insurance Administrators. Some companies may have a separate telephone number for 24-hour Worldwide Assistance, while others use one telephone number for both the Administrator and the Assistance Company.

Your insurance Confirmation/ID will contain your policy number and the 24/7 Assistance company telephone number.

3. Your Independent Insurance Agent (that's us)

Per USA Federal and State Laws, as a licensed independent agency, we have a "fiduciary obligation" to you the client. We work for you (Independence Guarantee).

Please note that obtaining your international insurance here does not alter your cost in any manner (Lowest-Rate Guarantee), but it does give you with an extra level of service if needed.


Tips on Filing an International Insurance Claim

If you need to file a travel health insurance claim, complete instructions are contained in your insurance policy. In most cases, you'll also find instructions and forms at your plan administrator's Website.

Suggestions on Filing a Claim

Notify the plan administrator of your claim as soon as practical from the date of your illness or injury, or within 90 days. A claim form is normally included with your insurance policy and ID card. You may also obtain a claim form through your insurance plan administrator, by going to their Website calling or e-mailing.

Read your policy for instructions on filing a claim. When completing a claim form, be sure your personal information and policy number are clear and readable. Be sure the form is signed and dated.

Attach your original medical bill. If properly itemized, this bill will usually contain the medical information that your insurance company needs. Keep copies of everything.

Tip: When receiving treatment outside of the USA, always ask for an itemized bill. (Not all doctors or clinics outside the USA will think about this when preparing your bill.)


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